Trophy Line WindSpinner

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USA Made, Stainless steal, power coat.  These beautiful wind spinners will stay bright and beautiful in the elements outside.  Available in Best of Breed colors (purple/yellow), Best of Opp (red/white), Best of Winners (dark blue/white) , Select (light blue/white).  Will work with you to get the correct order together.

Shown in flat state but they open to spin.  Can do any breed/logo

If you do a flat middle we can put your Club Logo on it. or  can put a breed silhouette on it.  (see BOW Whippet example)   to do dog breed cut in the middle need a 90 day lead time and a quaintly minimum .  We have the spinners cut in USA and printed in USA.  

A Few Examples of some we did for Akita Trophies  

Best Of Breed with small paw 3" and Jewels (total for this $75)

best veteran (dark green/light green) in 8" (can do in 12 or 8)


BOS in 12" (can do in 12 or 8 inch)

Small 3" paw for class prizes Shown in closed state, all open and spin.  this size is what is on the bottom of the Best of Breed Above.  

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