Custom Women's Non-Slip Cotton Slipper

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Women's Non-Slip Cotton Slippers 

Classic look with custom vamp, footbed and sole covering. This cotton slippers can be your home necessary and bring your house cozy atmosphere. Add your own design to the slippers  Picture is for example, any breed or picture can be done and any background/color.  

• Plush vamp, footbed and sole covering for soft and comfortable touch.
• Lining is made of synthetic velvet and wadding, warm and comfortable.
• Non-slip lines provide excellent support and comfort.
• TPR sole with anti-skidding finish for safer walking.
• Hand wash only. Gently scrub the outside of your shoes with soft cloth or brush.
• Are printed and made in China, please allow a week for printing and about 3 to 4 weeks for delivery to the USA. 
• Once the design has been sent to the printer there are no refunds as this is a print on demand item.  
• can add any breed silhouette or picture , background , color.  If you need help with a design email us at
• design on one shoe will be the same on the other side 

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