Whippet Men's Silhouette Athletic Mesh Shoe Black Sole

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Men's Whippet Silhouette Athletic Mesh Shoe Black Sole

this running shoes is perfect for running, workout and casual occasions. 

• 24.69 Oz. Especially suitable for running.
• Breathable mesh quarter and breathable foam tongue.
• Breathable stitch bonded non-woven fabric lining.
• MD+RB outsole for non-slip traction.
• Hand wash only. 

*Please keep in mind each shoe is printed once ordered, so production takes about a week and then 3 weeks for the shoe to arrive.  

If you don't like any of the colors just email us at support@watalotbowwow.com and we can accommodate.   Choose the size and Custom variable.  Will send you example to approve.  

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