Fuzzy Scarf

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Holiday Scarves are stylish yet functional accessories for your pet during the holiday season. This is not a restraining device.  Comes in two sizes small & large (see below)

  • Blue color is perfect for Hannukah and more! 
  • Red, White and Blue is perfect for July 4th and more! 
  • Green color is perfect for St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, and more! 
  • Pink color is also perfect for Valentine's Day and, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
  • Red, White, Green perfect for Christmas 
  • Orange and Black color is great for Halloween and more! 

- Ideal for small dogs
- Fits collar size up to 16 inches
- Scarf length: 22 inches
- Scarf width: 2 inches

- Ideal for medium and large dogs
- Fits collar size up to 21 inches
- Scarf length: 29 inches
- Scarf width: 3 inches
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