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This spinner is not for a custom picture, but for you to select a custom breed silhouette to put on a flat Spinner.  If you would like a cut version we can do but we need an order of 10 and it would take 6 to 8 weeks.  Our flats are just as beautiful with flash as the cut spinners.  

Select your Breed but clicking add image, then select "Design" Then select the group you dog would be in, and then inside there the silhouette.  You can change the color and the background color.   

Select the color of the veins (the windspinner color) (if we don't have what your looking for email and we will try to get something created) 

Add Name of Your Pet or Leave it off

The image you approve will be printed on both sides.  

Once you are satisfied with your spinner click to accept the terms and agreement.  This is acknowledgement that the spinner looks how you would like it printed.  So make sure you like it and spelled everything correctly, and are happy with your color choices.   We are not responsible for miss spellings or dislike of color choice. 

Once design has been accepted no refunds can be given as this is a custom printed item.   

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