Alvalley Nylon Slip Leads with stop 1/4"(6mm)

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These Alvalley Nylon Slip Leads are hand crafted for perfection made with the finest nylon for a smooth and soft feel to the touch..

  • Braided from high quality nylon
  • Creates a soft and smooth feel in the hand, and a gentle touch on the animals coat
  • Handle and ends are stitched and finished with a hand braided leather to enhance strength and durability
  • Leads features a solid steel O Ring
  • Tagua bead(also known as vegetable Ivory of the Amazon) stop that slides along the leash to set the size of the collar for a better control of your dog
  •  4 and 6 foot length
  • 4mm thick (1/8" thick)

Any out of stock items please contact us, we can often still get it.  


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