Custom Car Shade

Get a sunshade for your car with your own picture!!! Your own dog, cat, horse, family whatever you like.  

Merging anti-UV coating and aluminized film cushion, this car sun shade can protect seats and dashboards from cracking due to sun damage while also keeping them cool to the touch.  You can customization the 1 piece option at this time.  If you want the 2 piece option, you will need to end your picture(s) to  We will send back a moc up for you to approve before printing.  

• Material: 100 % polyester and aluminized film cushion.
• 2 Piece Shade: Size: 28inch x 28inch x 2 pieces (72cm x 72cm x 2 pieces)

• 1 Piece Shade: Size: 55inch x 30inch (140cm x 75cm)
• Foldable design offers quick installation or removal.
• Using heat sublimation technique to prevent discoloring, long-lasting effects

Product is Printed in China and will take 23 to 30 days to arrive.  Once the order has been submitted to print there are no refunds so make sure you are happy with the customization before submitting.  Once you click the "accept terms & agreement" you acknowledge that you are done designing and the order will be printed as you have designed.