Which dog is right for you... temperament

When you try to decide on the kind of dog to get it is important to also think about should you even get a dog.  When looking at purebreds there are 180 different recognized breeds in AKC, and each has it's own unique temperament, activity level and requirements.   Careful consideration should be given to many factors and some serious research.  Over the next few posts we will talk about some of those factors.  Today's subject is Temperament. 


When you decide you want a dog.. this is a dog life commitment.  You need to make sure the personality fits with you and your family's personality.  Are you active?  Are you Subdued?  If your active a subdued dog may not be the best pairing and vice versa.  Are you prepared for a dog who loves everything it meets dogs and people, or a dog who is more aloof and may not enjoy the company of other dogs?  Another consideration is trainability, easy? or more strong-willed.  All these things should be considered and a reputable breeder can answer these questions about their breed and the puppies they are raising.  Each puppy in the liter will have these traits.  One will be more outgoing, one a little more relaxed, one that responds to training quick, one that might be a little more challenging and need someone experienced in the breed.    Reputable breeders will know after talking to you which one is the right match for you.  It is important to have a working relationship with your reputable breeder to get the right match for the temperament. 


Again this is just one trait.  Next time I will discuss some other factors that are important in selecting a breed.