Physical Health Benefits of Dog Thearpy

Did you know that dogs that participate in therapy work offer physical health improvements to their patients?  Some of the Physical benefits are:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves cardiovascular health
  • releases endorphins (oxytocin) that have a calming effect
  • diminishes overall physical pain
  • the act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response, reducing the amount of medication some folks need

I have personally seen these physical affects with my therapy dogs.  I often visit retirement facilities and have seen people light up when my therapy dogs visits.  It really can brighten someone's day.  I have also seen the affects with special needs kids.  A child can be deep in thoughts and not responsive to other stimuli and then they notice the dog and they "come back" as you could call it to present time.  It truly is a miracle to witness these physical changes that a dog can bring.  If you have a sweet dog that loves people you should consider finding a therapy test in your area.  If you already do therapy visit then you know how rewarding it can be.  Consider adding a Smoocher or scarf for decoration to really brighten things up.