Orlando Dog Shows

If your in the Orlando, FL area this weekend, come check out the local Dog Show.  If you have never been to a dog show, it's a family oriented event that is very low cost.  Usually there is only the parking fee.  Tons to see when you get inside.  Have you watched a dog show on tv?  well this is the same thing in your city.  Many people are often not aware that dogs show's happen in local cities all over the country no just in February in New York at Westminster.  Go check it out.  People are friendly and often love to gush about their dog if you would like to stop and ask questions.  It's also a great place to learn about dog breeds.  

This event will have a Meet the Breed booth for many breeds you can come meet them, pet them, and learn about each breed. You can also come see Agility, Doc Dog, obedience, and confirmation.  Lots to see and do!  

Come on out you'll have a great time if you enjoy dogs!  

Orange County Convention Center West Building
9800 International Drive 
Orlando, FL 32819