Meet The Breed

If you ever get a chance to attend a Meet the Breed, go!  it's a lot of fun.  You get a chance to meet and learn about different breeds that are there.  If your thinking i'd like a dog but don't know what i want... it's the perfect place to learn about different breeds of dog to find the right one for you.  And all the people there with their breed will know how you can rescue one if your interested in rescue.  If your interested in supporting a reputable breed who are not responsible for filling up shelters.. they will also have that information.  But most importantly you get to see the dogs live, how big they will grow, if they have a lot of hair, if they have a lot of energy.  So you can not be surprised about what it will grow up to be and therefore not dump the dog in a shelter and be part of the problem.  

There are 2 large Meet the Breed events each year, the one in New York and the one in Florida in December.  Here are the top winners from the Florida Meet the Breed that occurred in December.   As you can see it's a LOT of fun.